vendredi 28 juin 2013

New The Music In Me & The 1001 Nights Collections :)

Hi Everyone,

Today I have 2 new collections to show you !!
The first one is a new little music collection called "The Music In Me" it is a beautiful mini kit about music ,you will find in it some fun elements like guitar ,music sheets,brushes,ribbon ,everything you need to have fun !!

You can see it here

And the second one is a
kit from 2009 that has been dusted off and revamped and back here for you
Step into the magical 1001 nights,fly on a magic carpet,have fun with cute animals,find an oasis in the desert,have fun with this huge kit you'll have endless possibilities !!!

I also have a mini that was made for Mother's Day

I hope you'll enjoy and I thank you for your visit !!


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