jeudi 15 novembre 2012

My beginning at ScrapBookGraphics !!

Hi ladies,

 Today is the big day ,it is my beginning at the fabulous store ScrapbookGraphics,it is very exciting to be part of that team.
I admire this shop since a long time and I can't believe I'm part of it !
You can find me there now and all my products .

All my store will be 40 % off until sunday.
Thanks again for all the support you gave me ,you don't know what it means to me!!

I wish you a wonderful day and week end

The most wonderful time

Autumn days are here again

 An eternal story

 Autumn on my mind

 Born to party

 Fresh Wind

Make a wish 

 My funny Halloween

Spring bunnies & Easter stories

 Sweet Beginnings

Summer Meadow

Sing me to sleep

And many many more ....

4 commentaires:

Beauté a dit…

Bonne chance das ta nouvelle boutique Peggy! Bisous!

Feli Popescu a dit…

Good luck with your new boutique, Peggy!! You are my all-time favorite designer - whenever I need to create calendars, cards or personal stuff, I always find something beautiful in one of your kits (I have almost all of them). I admire you very much and I hope to see many many more kits of yours in the shop!!

Abeille a dit…

Bonne chance dans ta nouvelle boutique Peggy!! :-)

Scrapcoco a dit…

Tout plein de bonnes choses dans cette nouvelle boutique ! mais je suis confiante avec autant de talent, cela ne peut qu'être une réussite !